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In nowadays complex computer and network environment, to buy, maintain a computer and to keep up with all the modern computer technologies could be a daunting task to any business owners.

The success of your business depends on the success of your Information Technology System. Sun Computer & Photography could help you to build a reliable and successful
Information Technology System for your business and take the frustration part away from you, so you could concentrate on what you could do the best - Growing Your Core Business, and Maximize Your Full Business Potential.

Highlights of our services:

- Standalone Computer Hardware and Peripheral Set-up, Trouble Shooting or Upgrade:
- Computer Hardware & Peripheral: Main Board, CPU, Hard Drive, CD-Rom, CD-RW, RAM, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, etc.

If you are building a new computer network, or make additions, moves or changes to your existing computer network, following are the highlights of services that Sun Computer & Photography could provide to you:

- Local Area Network (LAN) Set-up, Trouble Shooting or Upgrade – (Wired LAN or Wireless LAN):

- LAN Hardware & Peripheral: Hub, Switch, Router, Network Cabling, Network Server, Network Printer

LAN Topology Design
Wiring Closet Design
LAN Cable Installation
LAN Components Installation and configuration
LAN Security Implementation
Hub, Switch, or Router Installation
Server Room Design
Server Installation, Configuration, and ongoing Maintenance
Server Upgrade, Reinstallation, or Migration
Server Backup System Implementation

Computer and Network Privacy Protection, Access Security Control, and Business Data Protection:
- Data Integrity Consulting
- Computer Privacy Protection Strategy
- LAN Security Strategy
- Internet Access Security
- Implement Data Backup Strategy (data restore, data recovery, data transfer, data archive)
- Virus Detection and Removal
- Spyware Detection and Removal

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