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Most people who know me well also know I am a crazy but serious moviegoer. What they don't know is that although I go out to movie theaters a lot more often than an average person does, rarely do I do so with friends. For a very long time movie to me was just like my girlfriend. I was so possessive of her that I don't want anyone else to share the joy I had with her. (I still remember a long long time ago when I was actually doing real dating, I somehow stopped watching that many movies. I guess I don't want either of them to get too jealous about each other). However, in summer 98 I started to have some second thoughts about this whole issue. I suddenly had the guts to nurture the idea of sharing her with Vanderbilt's Chinese community. Since then I have been posting my movie writings on both Vanderbilt and later University of Maryland Chinese community's mailing lists. The pieces of writing I have been doing are short and personal. To call them movie reviews may be a misnomer. They are nowhere close to the kind of movie reviews you will find on regular newspapers. In fact (an emphatic one) they are more about myself, my life, my thoughts, and my wickedness than about movies. Professionals write with skills, whereas I with my heart. For those who are still curious about the person behind this curtain. Here is a little bit more about myself. I came to the States in 1995 and spent the next four years in Nashville, Tennessee doing my Ph.D. in Political Science (or at least pretending to do it) and in the summer of 99 I moved to Washington, DC area for hopefully the last leg of my school education. Currently I am living in Detroit, Michigan.
You are always welcome to drop me a line: your comments, encouragements, protests or whatever is on your mind. As for now, enjoy your reading!

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